Night iso render of 77 WADE office building

What Makes A Great Workplace?

People walking on Bloor street at Big On Bloor


We believe it starts with a vibrant neighbourhood – the shops, restaurants, cafés, and businesses that make coming to work inspiring and exciting every day. Equally important is easy accessibility, whether by car, bike, foot, or public transportation.

Render of modern office with computer, chair, desk and exposed nail laminated timber ceiling


But it goes beyond location to the workspace itself – an environment that feels natural, open, warm, and welcoming to help inspire, motivate and sustain the people who work there.

Render of people hanging outside of office building


And of course, it's the people who go to work there every day. The people who share a common purpose, who see that work/life balance isn't the goal, but work/life harmony is.

Render of office building with seven floors with building half glass and half exposed and people working at their desk


77 WADE is that workplace – a new building designed for a new kind of urban professional. Situated in The Junction, one of Toronto's fastest-evolving neighbourhoods, it's a showcase of new construction techniques, combining organic and industrial elements to create an inventive modern aesthetic.