Night iso render of 77 WADE office building


77 WADE employs a new use of CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) in a wood-concrete-steel composite assembly. Designed by Structure Fusion, the components are prefabricated in their Canadian plant and assembled on site. The result of this incredible construction technology is a beautiful exposed natural wood ceiling and finished with polished concrete floors.

Next Property Group is committed to employing sustainable construction techniques, and has collaborated with Structure Fusion to develop a contemporary workspace that's functional, mindful, and aesthetically pleasing.

Why is mass timber construction more desirable?

Two lime green arrow forming a circle with 3 green trees inside

Ethically sourced wood is the only renewable resource.

Grey cloud with text co2 inside of it and two lime green arrow pointing down on the right side

Mass timber has a negative carbon footprint, helping tackle global warming.

Three different size raindrops. Two light blue and lime green.

Wood absorbs and releases moisture to improve indoor air quality.

Two light blue people with lime green speech bubble between them

Wood offers a feeling of comfort that can contribute to positive social interactions.

Red heart with lime green lines bursting out of it on the left side

Wood has a natural warmth that can reduce stress and anxiety.